A comparison of the differences between the canadian and cuban legal system

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A comparison of the differences between the canadian and cuban legal system

Pooja Toor Articles CanadaComparative Study Coming to law school in the United States, as a born and raised Canadian, left for a huge gap in practical knowledge of the law.

Growing up in Canada, you have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms [i] you learn about, and you automatically assume and know that everything that happens in one part of the country, is a reflection of what would happen on the opposite coast.

Firstly, learning the United States Constitution was a whirlwind, the most difficult part being that reading it for the first time when you are twenty-three years old, you cannot possibly see how some of the articles or amendments to the Constitution that can consist of twenty words, founded thousands of interpretations that make no sense, on first glance — if you do not know the ways different judges interpret the constitution originalists, the living constitution, etc.

But these things you can overcome and actually translate very well between Canada and America.

A comparison of the differences between the canadian and cuban legal system

It is in between the lines, the little nitpicky things that really take you by surprise. After learning the foundations of law in 1L, going back to Canada to practice with a firm in Toronto was easy enough — but it was the little things that you can get stuck behind on.

Political System Federalism While both the United States and Canada have successful federal government involvement, the parliamentary confederacy of Canada has structured the court system very differently — which we will discuss shortly.

The most important distinction between the political influences is that Canada as one singular federal criminal code. It also was in the heart of the creation of the United States of America that States would retain some-sort of independence, something that was compromised in the creation of Canada.

Structure of the Court System Naturally, from having such different ways of binding the country by governing laws, the way the courts are set up are bound to differ. While the structure in the United States can be confusing because of basic jurisdictional questions between the States and Federal courts — who could essentially hear every type of cause — in Canada there is a more unified structure the mimics a pyramid structure.

In Canada, each provincial trial court will hear every minor claim — there is rare venue shopping — to ensure that the application of the laws in that province adhere to a standard of uniformity.

Each State has the ability to enact their own type of state legal systems, and there will always be clashes between federalism and state powers, the United States has figured out how to successfully function within both systems and with their overlapping jurisdictions.

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Foreign Jurisprudence Finally, it should be noted that the United States rarely relies on the trends and case precedent on matters more developed in other countries to make decisions, and their opinion on the matter is often outspoken by various influential persons in the judiciary i. Canada is quick to look to England or the United States when it comes to filling gaps in precedence.

Simmons and Lawrence v. Texas — to air his grievances against reliance on foreign jurisprudence, the Supreme Court of Canada has actually relied on the Supreme Court of the United States to decide a case where no precedent existed in Canada. While this is three of many differences between the Canadian and American legal systems, there are many facial and deeply seeding differences between the countries.

However, this does not to mean there are not similarities between the systems, it just means that both systems — difference and similar — are both highly function systems of two very prestigious judiciaries. Yes, you learn from different sets of systematic governing laws, or different terminology what it comes down to is that the law is the law.

Where there are lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals there will always be the ability to learn and adapt to any legal system in any country.For most of the 20th century, America was undoubtedly one of the greatest countries in the world.


As the largest economic, military, technology, and cultural powerhouse in the world it's understandable why Americans would perceive themselves with a sense of superiority.

How The Canadian Legal System Differs From American This is a highly simplified, non-exhaustive listing of some key differences between the Canadian and American legal systems. I’ve left out many details. The Canadian court system is made up of many courts differing in levels of legal superiority and separated by jurisdiction.

Some of the courts are federal in nature while others are provincial or territorial. mixed legal system of civil law based on the French civil code, Ottoman legal tradition, and religious laws covering personal status, marriage, divorce, and other family relations of the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian communities.

Cuban communication includes many gestures. Eye contact is expected. Even relative strangers may use terms of endearment or mild physical contact.

Because of the island’s proximity and climatic similarity to Florida, and Miami’s large Cuban population, Miami and Cuba enjoy several cultural similarities. While a Canadian systematic review stated that the differences in the systems of Canada and the United States could not alone explain differences in healthcare outcomes, the study didn't consider that over 44, Americans die every year due to not having a single payer system for healthcare in the United States and it didn't consider the millions more that live without proper medical care due to a lack of .

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