A video recorded interview to look at skills social work essay

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A video recorded interview to look at skills social work essay

Each of the four semesters I was in graduate school, my school of social work required us to submit a process recording. For the unfamiliar, a process recording is a document in which you recollect and process your entire session with a client. Often the recording is a paraphrased account of your psychotherapy or case management session with your client.

A video recorded interview to look at skills social work essay

The mood or emotional reaction to what the client said or how the clinician is feeling during the session. I use this area to reflect on what is happening.

This is left blank until your supervisor completes it. It often looks like this: The Social Work Tech Way: Overview When I complete my process recordings, I literally record them using the video function of my point-and-click camera on a tri-Pod, unload the session onto my iPad, and tediously transcribe the part of the session that I need.

I later provide both materials to my supervisor for review. Is it appropriate to use this client for observation? Prior to this recording session with your client, discuss with your plan with your supervisor.

Assemble your tripod and attach your camera and make sure that the lighting is good for the ambiance in the room. Is the client comfortable with a wide shot of you and the client both in the frame?

What is your process to delete the video from your camera, iPad, etc? When will this happen? When and where will you review the contents of the video? How can you prevent the materials from being seen wit What happens if your iPad or video camera is stolen?

What will you be using the film for? If for clinical supervision, what parts will you show your supervisor e. When she was ready to see it which happened two minutes prior to a different counseling session I was scheduled for. My supervisor and I reflected on this recording during our clinical supervision later that same day.

After transcribing it for my Process Recording, I deleted all files right away. Scary One-way mirror is scary: Video recording is less scary potentially. Personally, public speaking does not strike the terror into me that being observed in doing my job does. With public speaking, I generally have several ideas in my head, and quite frankly, after rehearsing my dialogue, I tend to present myself in a positive manner — a myrad of professional, charm, and wit.

One cannot rehearse in the same manner to prepare with a session with a client. You can look back on your performance. Once you have your recording on video, you can watch it straight through however many times that you need to so that you can rehash the positive and need areas of your session.

From what I have heard from supervisors, the warts and all transcriptions I have submitted have been more honest and less clean than what most trainees and interns submit. I worked so hard to transcribe the conversation verbatim because I want to be a better social worker.

I included notations about inappropriate laughter, scatterbrained thinking, honest reflection during the session and after and really challenge myself to be a better as a helping professional while also acknowledging my strengths.

Assuming that your battery did not drain all the way and that your SD card captured everything, From beginning pressing the shutter and sitting down to end with getting up and pressing the shutter againthere is no fuss with editing your video.

As with any recording, you can access it on demand, which is great when you and your supervisor are swamped with other duties. Furthermore, ethical standards should be considered to avoid harm. Relevant standards to reduce risk of harm may include commitment towards clients 1. Other Ethical Concerns I want to thank my fellow blogger, Ms.

Karen Zgoda, contributed to this section. For your client, recording the session may or may not be appropriate. The way I have asked clients for permission previously is by stating:Registered Nurse Registered Nursing requires a large base of knowledge used to assess, plan, and intervene to promote health Job Shadowing Paper Free Essays - Free Essay Examples largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Job Shadowing Paper "Job Shadowing Paper" Essays and Research ashio-midori.comt Course Reflection Paper - ashio-midori.comee Sample .

Micro social work is the most common form of social work and the social worker engages with individuals or families to solve problems. Social workers on the micro level that work with those that have disabilities do several different things.

A simulated role play interview was conducted with ‘Paul Jones,’ a year old who contacted the adult social work team to discuss the possibility of some assistance. Paul is the sole carer of his year old father, James. Essential job skills Essay Sample.

Skills are just something that you are good at or they are a part of you. Everybody in the world has a skill, but sometimes they are hard to find. Nov 21,  · Interview A Social Worker Essay – Search for: This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by gesmicyctiqua 1 month, 3 weeks ago.

Essay Interview On My Social Work Interview My Social Work interview was with Mrs. Nicole Gales on April 7, , I have learned a little more about my major and what I want to really do. First Mrs. Gales and I started off with the basic which was her educational and practice background.

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