Andrew cullison how to write a short philosophy paper topic ideas

Jeremy Fernando - - Continent 1 3: The instant reaction, as we have seen with similar incidents in the past—such as the Oklahoma City bombings—was to attempt to explain the incident. Whether the reasons given were true or not were irrelevant:

Andrew cullison how to write a short philosophy paper topic ideas

As many in the philosophical community already know, sexual misconduct is a prevalent problem in the discipline. Our department is currently bearing the weight of its own controversy regarding sexual misconduct, and we fear that particular developments in the situation at our institution could have far-reaching consequences for victims elsewhere and going forward.

While some of the legal matters await final resolution, litigation itself raises new practical and ethical considerations. Many instances of sexual misconduct go unreported, in large part because the risks of reporting are many and serious while the potential gains are very slim. The risks of further loss of community, of damaging actual and potential professional relationships, of not being believed, or of being reduced to how one has been treated, rather than being perceived as an intelligent, talented, and valuable individual and member of a community, already deter victims from reporting.

Add to these risks the possibility of being named in a lawsuit and the consequent potential for financial ruin if not indemnified as well as having personal information and details of a traumatic experience made public, and the hazards are substantially multiplied.

Suing a graduate student for filing an internal, and otherwise confidential, sexual misconduct complaint is intolerable. If the legal strategy implemented by this faculty member is treated as acceptable, it is not only injustice to our fellow graduate student that is at stake--though this is a substantial concern in itself.

The implications for victims going forward, within the profession and otherwise, are staggering. Treating such an approach as acceptable effectively amounts to accepting those implications, as well as silence for ourselves. It should be noted that even if a faculty member feels that their due process rights have been infringed upon, and even if no university grievance process is available, there are other courses of action available under, for example, Title VII and Title IX.

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Consequently, we feel we must vigorously repudiate this legal tactic and provide vocal support to those whose voice would be taken from them. One necessary step to adequately supporting victims is opening up communication between administrators, faculty, and graduate students, both within departments and across them.

When we act as if privacy concerns cannot be appropriately balanced with substantive communication, we only exacerbate the stigma that victims already feel. The fact that philosophy departments have become a central battleground for rights to non-discrimination in academic settings is a result of a collective failure on the part of our discipline, and as such will require collective action to rectify it.

We hope this letter will serve as a small step towards that end.

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We admire our fellow graduate student for her strength and bravery and are proud to share an intellectual home with a colleague who is both uncommonly brilliant and courageous.

We stand with her, and in support of victims everywhere. Unfortunately, whoever initiates a legal complaint has the advantage of being able to make public a narrative of events that indeed need not be accurate, or even approximately accurate, unless it is to prevail in court.

When filing a motion to dismiss, a defendant does not have the opportunity to dispute matters of fact. This only underscores our concern about the impact this new precedent may have on victims.May 23,  · This briefly outlines a method for writing a short page philosophy paper that presents, explains, and evaluates a single argument.

After outlining the . Philosophy Journal Editors' Perspectives on Academic Publishing. I face all of these situations regularly.

andrew cullison how to write a short philosophy paper topic ideas

In almost every paper I write, before I can present the new and interesting material, I have to provide some historical, expository information.

(Once you’ve written more than a few papers on obligationes, it becomes very hard to. Abdallah Ibn Baithar, for example, writing about A.D., said that "the flower of the stone of Assos" is called "Snow from China" by the Egyptians.

Strangely enough Ibn Baithar does not mention the qualities of saltpetre at all and since it seems unlikely that he should not have known about them we might conclude that he wanted to keep them secret.5/5(1). Reasoning & Writing in the College CAS One longer, final research paper will consider the history of biographical representation of a particular figure.

Revolutionary Writing Frederic Bush, Department of English TR – CRN Some people write to entertain others. Others write to change the world. In this class, we'll be. Jan 16,  · How to write a good philosophy paper in this course.

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Writing a Short Philosophy Paper. September 21, | Andy | the profession, the academy, teaching. I recently created a short video that summarizes my lecture on how to write a short philosophy paper. I thought I’d share it with people in case they want to use it.

Here are the handouts I give my students.

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