Ccot atlantic world

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Ccot atlantic world

Ccot atlantic world Author Intro From to the Atlantic World, which includes all of the continents whose borders touch the Atlantic Ocean, saw great change as explorers began to settle new worlds and trade expanded. Connections between Europe, Africa, and the Americas brought change socially and economically through the expansion of trade, including both human and inhuman commodities, and the natural gains and consequences of claiming a new world as your own.

Social Impacts The Atlantic world was turned on its head socially due to the slave trade, expansion of trade, and the discovery of the new world. In Africa, slavery had already occurred. With the spread of Islam came Muslim merchants who would capture Africans and sell them throughout Arabia and the Indian Ocean at Islamic controlled trading ports.

This time it was not foreigners who were capturing Africans but Africans themselves, who had made deals with slave traders in the New World and Europe. Often, local political leaders were involved.

These underhanded political practices wreaked havoc socially.

Ccot atlantic world

Members of royal families vied for control of captured slaves causing brutal and constant civil war, taking a nearly unbearable toll on the African people. Previously, agriculture and farming were jobs reserved for peasants, but since trade had become such a lucrative opportunity the upper class began to buy up land and start their own farms, hiring tenants to cultivate and sell their goods for them.

European conquerors unwittingly brought with them diseases to which the Native Americans were not immune, killing a portion of the population.

Ccot atlantic world

Along with disease Europeans also brought innovations the likes of which Native Americans had never seen before, including steel weapons. All of these things, the slave trade, commercialization of the countryside, and Native American assimilation contributed to societal changes in the Atlantic World.

Economic Effects The Atlantic world was not only affected socially due to new global connections with trade and exploration, it was also affected economically. The merchants and political leaders who participated in the slave trade received European goods in return, such as tobacco, alcohol, and guns.

Also because of the slave trade, the main source of money moved from rural areas of Africa to ports, where merchants maintained most of the wealth in the area. The Dutch came through with a new type of boat they called a fluitschip.

Conveniently, fluitschips were able to transport very heavy commodities like never before and with less crew. From this, the Dutch invented rudimentary forms of banking, stock exchange, and insurance for cargo. In America, European conquerors found what they were looking for: Exploiting the surrounding tribes of Native Americans these European conquerors harvested all the gold they could find and killed anyone standing in their way.

While this brought great riches to Spain it showed Spanish conquistadors in a barbaric and morally repugnant light. However, this did not stop them and they continued to wipe out entire civilizations up into Mesoamerica for gold and other riches.

New connections through trade and exploration in the Atlantic world caused change economically by shifting the source of wealth in Africa, inspiring innovation in Europe, and giving Spain an incredible source of precious metals.

Summary The Atlantic World, including the Americas, Europe, and Africa saw great change because of newfound connections between one another. The slave trade, other forms of trade, and the discovery and exploration of new worlds all contributed to social and economic change from to The Continuity and Change Over Time (CCOT) Essay About the CCOT • Primary purpose of CCOT is to test students’ mastery of their historical thinking skills .

AP World History Syllabus. Textbook Website (start here) Sugar in the Atlantic World - use links on left: Southeast Asian Spice Trade: Sugar, Sugar, and MORE Sugar: CCOT LEQ: Flash Cards on Quizlet. Periodization LEQ: Student's Friend - Overview of Essential Info: AP Practice Tests. CCOT: Atlantic World Essay.

The Atlantic worlds welcomed the Caribbean and the Americas in early-modern era - CCOT: Atlantic World Essay introduction.

After that they then opened up contact with many other regions. These regions included the Caribbean, the Americas, and west Africa. Annotated CCOT Rubric: Atlantic World 1 Question: Analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from to Essay on APWH CCOT.

Micah Mercado APWH – Block 4 CCOT Essay During the age of discovery, many places around the world underwent radical changes in areas ranging from politics to economics and to social concepts. C/C CCOT. Type your Thesis Here or upload it as a word document in the What crop was processed by both the slaves after the crusades and the African Slaves that crossed the Atlantic?

* For many places in Africa, slavesere the only for of private what? Which European nations spread racist ideas from the Arab world to the New World.

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