Cosmetics research paper

It sells brand cosmetics of high quality that is intended for professional as well as everyday usage. The brand is sought-after also by many celebrities, fashion models, and photographers because of its delicate texture, huge choice of colors, and durability.

Cosmetics research paper

Perry Romanowski The way chemistry majors typically begin their chemist careers goes something like this. In their senior year of college they start looking through the newspapers for any company looking to hire chemists.

Next, they put together a resume, send in a bunch of applications and hopefully get hired. If they happen to apply to a company in the cosmetic industry, then they become cosmetic chemists.

Unfortunately, this method of not knowing what industry you will end up in leaves you ill-prepared for a job in cosmetic chemistry. Most of the stuff you learned in college will not be applicable to your job. To help bridge the gap, here are the top 10 science topics you should know about when entering Cosmetics research paper cosmetic industry.

Study up before your first interview! Surfactants It is amazing how little time is devoted to surfactants in college when you consider the importance they play in so many industries. These are molecules that have the property of reducing surface tension, thereby allowing oil and water to form stable temporarily mixtures.

For a more general discussion of surfactants, start with the Wikipedia surfactant page. Emulsions This topic is related to surfactants and covered even less in college. An emulsion is a fine dispersion of one insoluble liquid in another. In the cosmetic industry, the most common emulsions are ones in which oil is dispersed in water.

Cosmetics research paper

To create emulsions, typically a surfactant is also used. Why are they used? Emulsions are delivery systems for beneficial cosmetic ingredients.

These ingredients are often incompatible with water and have undesirable aesthetic characteristics by themselves.

Cosmetics research paper

The ingredients are mixed with water to create creams or lotions. Where can you learn more? Look for upcoming articles on Chemists Corner about emulsions, but until then, you can see this on Google for more information.

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For a more general discussion of emulsions, see this emulsion entry. Fatty Acids While much college time was devoted to learning about acid-base reactions and equilibrium constants, very little time was spent looking at the properties and chain length distributions of specific acids.

Those topics are much more important to cosmetic chemists. They are typically derived from biological sources and thus have an even number of carbon atoms.

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The most important fatty acids in the cosmetic industry are those that have between 8 and 22 carbons.International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 4, Issue 9, September 1 ISSN A Study on factors influencing consumer buying behavior.

How to Write a Research Paper on Use of Cosmetics by Women in Ancient Greece. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. Research question: Do animal testing effect consumer perception for products in the cosmetic industry.

Cosmetics research

Aim of the research: The aim of this research is to know the consumer’s perception by conducting this literature review about the products available in the cosmetics industry which are animal tested. Cosmetics Research: Reaching Beyond the Fantasy By Elisabeth Pain Jul.

4, , AM E ven if red lipstick remains a classic that is immune to the vagaries of fashion, the rouge à lèvres your mother was using 20 years ago has very little in common with the tube in the modern makeup bag. According to the American Chemical Society, growing demand for ‘enhanced cosmetics’ that combine cosmetic and active ingredients is further pushing research in the direction of microcapsules and other delivery technology areas in order to keep up.

In this research paper, they investigated observer perceptions about attractiveness with cosmetics, as well as their understanding of what other people would find attractive with the amount of cosmetics applied (Jones, Kramer, and Ward).

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