Do sports to changeover your life

Playing sports is a great form of social interaction. For a lucky few, playing sports can even be financially lucrative. There are a couple of potential negative effects of playing sports, including the risk of injury or eating disorders. Video of the Day Keep Active and Healthy Playing sports you enjoy can help you meet recommended activity levels.

Do sports to changeover your life

During the London Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games television viewers will be regaled with stories of how athletes overcame adversity, training setbacks, injury, or even personal tragedy to reach the pinnacle of their sporting careers.

But can sport really help develop life skills? In fact, there is evidence showing youth sport participation has been associated with negative issues such aggression, breaking rules, adults modeling inappropriate behaviors, and among older adolescent athletes, the misuse of alcohol and illegal drugs.

On the other hand, numerous positive developmental indicators have been associated with sport participation, including improved self-esteem, emotional regulation, problem-solving, goal attainment, social skills, and academic performance.

So how can sport produce both positive and negative outcomes? It is because the outcomes of sport arecontingent on the ways in which sport is delivered by parents and coaches and experienced by children.

Different types of delivery and experiences will lead to different types of outcomes. Positive outcomes, such as life skills, must be directly taught to young athletes. They do not naturally occur just by playing a sport. For example, we conducted a case study of a high school soccer team.

The team had a well-qualified coach and his philosophy focused on building relationships and involving student-athletes in decision-making. The coach provided opportunities for the athletes to show initiative, make decisions, and take responsibility. In terms of respect, there was little direct teaching — rather, the athletes tended to be punished if they failed to demonstrate respect for teammates, opponents, and officials.

In a related study we asked 40 university students to reflect on the life skills they learned playing youth sport.

Do sports to changeover your life

Third, coaches emphasized hard work and teamwork. Overall, these findings reinforced the idea that sport can provide an educational context for acquiring life skills and highlighted interactions with key social agents peers, parents, and coaches are crucial components of how people learn life skills through their involvement in sport.

One of our most recent studies examined ways children attending an elementary school in an inner-city neighborhood learned about life skills through their physical education PE classes, intramurals, and sport teams. In PE, the importance of a specialist PE teacher and establishing clear boundaries during lessons while providing children with perceptions of choice were important.

Children enjoyed intramural sports, but there were few attempts to create an appropriate developmental atmosphere during these sessions.

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In fact, intramural sports were associated with negative student interactions because of the absence of direct instruction. However, coaches of the sport teams used techniques to promote social skills and respect.

The important aspect of these activities was that while they were initiated by coaches the players were highly involved and had substantial input and control over the process. For the past couple of years we have been working on a project called Try-Sport.

This program is delivered to children during the after-school period in the school gyms using just a few pieces of equipment. We teach three sports — volleyball, basketball, and soccer — because they cover a range of fundamental movement skills running, jumping, catching, kicking, throwing, etc.How Does Playing Sports Affect Someone's Life?

by RASHELLE BROWN Sept. 11, Rashelle Brown. How Does Playing Sports Affect Your Health? Does Playing Sports at a Young Age Affect Bone Growth? Social Effects of Sports on Young Children. Violence and Athletic Children.

We are a sports foundation built on inspiration, hope & victory. We are working in communities to help young people find a path to a brighter future with the help of international sports scholars. The Sport Changes Life Foundation Announces the return of the 2nd Annual Basketball Hall of Fame Belfast Classic.

Can Sport Help Develop Life Skills? this article has broaden my understanding of what goes on in sports regarding life skills development and how it can be employed to get the best results out of it. Thanks again to Prof.

Holt for producing such a good and recommendable piece of work. I have been following your readings for quite some . For a long time, sports have been viewed as a way to stay healthy and in shape, but their importance goes much further.

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As a matter of fact, playing sports teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork. do sports to changeover your life People thought that sport had not been necessary thing because the sports were not common in old times regardless of Olympic game.

However, today it is a part of people’s lives such as nutrition or sheltering. How do sports help us in life? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 8 Answers. Rohit L, simplifying the complicated life. How do sports help us, apart from fitness and some values of life?

How has sports helped you? How did you lose your best friend? How can ethnicity help us in life?

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