Essays for grade 10 students result

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Essays for grade 10 students result

Technology which was supposed to be a means to an end and to assist people in doing their daily chores in great efficiency seems to have lost its basic role and trespassed it to much more than that.

As such, life in modern times has changed a lot from the old one. This difference is highly displayed in daily chores and work field. To begin with, daily chores have been highly influenced by the emergence and dominance of technology. Vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, laundry and dry cleaning machines, and microwaves are there now to assist, if not replace, housewives in their daily errands.

And women still wonder why men no longer rush to get married or why they keep on gaining weight. Yet another difference caused by the advent and supremacy of technology is that in the work field.

Technological development has led to the creation of robots and other mechanical devices that were supposed to assist people in their work and help get things done at a faster pace. Earlier, it used to take hours to get a pipe done; however, a hydraulics machine can get it done in less than 30 minutes these essays for grade 10 students result and with greater efficiency.

This, along with the fact that having an accurate machine get the job done instead of a working hand would mean lifting off the burden of wages, has led to the replacement of human beings, the creators, by their creation at their workplace.

People should beware the ways in which they cultivate technology and to what extent that is done, for technology has the potential and power to reshape and restructure the life as we know it into a whole new version.

As such, people should use it wisely. Life is in a constant change, and so is education. This highlights and alludes the unstoppable and inevitable cycle of change and modification in education due to the authoritative leverage enforced by gadgets and innovations on education in modern schools.

Education is the spirit that moves from one generation to another, and it is the golden key that locks the gate of ignorance. However, schools are being altered on aregular basis due to technology and innovation.

Future schools differ from modern schools by teachers, strategies and methods of teaching, and human touch. To begin with, one of the enormous differences between future and modern schools is teachers.

In the future, robots are most likely to replace human beings as teachers. Robots would never be as creative as human teachers. They just act and respond to what humans tell them to do, for they are programmed according to a specific manner.

As such, robots and computers follow the concept of one question by one answer without willing to ponder alternate answers that students suggest.

However, teachers act in front of them, alter their questions to ensure that they are well understood by their students, and use myriad types of teaching aids. They also help students sort out fixing grades and life situation.

essays for grade 10 students result

Another notable difference between modern and future schools is strategies and methods of teaching. To begin with, modern schools exploit and utilize multi and various strategies in order to help out the students in cultivating their skills in and understanding lessons. For instance, innumerable and uncountable strategies and methods are followed and taught by the teachers.

On the contrary, the future schools are monotonous since robots maintain one strategy which the one they are programmed to follow.

Comparing both types of schools one can also notice the third difference which is the human touch. The modern schools embody and follow collective education which depends on teaching students and pupils in the same class and together.

This leads to having social interaction between students which assists in building strong bonds and relationships among them and aids in fortifying their social skills. As a conclusion, people can expect that the teacher and learning process will change signficantly due to the technological innovations in daily educational activities.

However, one should beware those changes and make sure that they cultivate the positive ones and curb or curtail the negative ones.

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Future Schools Life is in a constant change, and so is education. This portrays and asserts that not only does life change but also education. Schools are always found to educate students no matter how much time passes.

However, modern and future schools differ in various things like teachers, human touch, and teaching strategies.Unit: Persuasive Writing Grade: 10 Stage 1: Desired Results Understandings Students will understand that • Persuasive writing is relevant to their lives outside of the academic setting.

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My Account. Your search returned I was in the seventh grade when my volleyball career started. My sister started playing in the seventh grade and I just wanted to follow her footsteps. while the end result contained little information relative to its size.

As technologies evolve, we. Unit: Persuasive Writing Grade: 10 Stage 1: Desired Results Understandings Students will understand that • Persuasive writing is relevant to their lives outside of the academic setting.

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• In order to persuade effectively, students must learn to consider and evaluate both sides of an issue. Sep 07,  · Important English Essays Topics For 10th Class, All essays name are available here.

Important English Essays Topics for 10th Class are written here for all those students who are going to attempt their Matric class examinations. Lahore Board Inter Part 2 Result. Gujranwala Board Inter Part 2 Result.

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