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If an electronic publication is not possible for copyright or patent-related reasons or due to ongoing applications at research funding institutions, the doctoral student can temporarily be released from the electronic publication obligation upon request.

Eth thesis repository

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It argues that rationalist ethics assume a particular relationship between thought and action: While there have been many critiques of rationalist administrative ethics, scholars have not examined the way in which rationalism persists in the way in which the teaching of ethics is conducted.

The use of the case study figures prominently in this. Thus, the dissertation explores the historical and theoretical intersection of rationalism, ethics, and teaching through Created Date Art and Effective Altruism: EA suggests that amidst so much global strife, the time, energy, and finances expended to create fleeting art would be put to better, more practical use in the fight against poverty.

The first chapter of this thesis illustrates an intersection Created Date Assessing Corporate Bioethics: A Qualitative Exploration of How Bioethics is Enacted in Biomedicine Companies Corporations in biomedicine hold significant power and influence, in both political and personal spheres.

Eth thesis repository

The decisions Eth thesis repository companies make about ethics are critically important, as they help determine what products are developed, how they are developed, how they are promoted, and potentially even how they are regulated.

In the last fifteen years, for-profit private companies have been assembling bioethics committees to help resolve dilemmas that require informed deliberation about ethical, legal, scientific, and economic considerations.

Private sector bioethics committees represent an important innovation in the governance of emerging technologies, with corporations taking a lead role in deciding what is ethically Created Date Beyond Compliance: Cultivating Ethical Virtues in Scientific Research Principle-based ethical frameworks, which commonly make use of codes of ethics, have come to be the popular approach in guiding ethical behavior within scientific research.

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In this thesis project, I investigate the benefits and shortcomings of this approach, ultimately to argue that codes of ethics are valuable as an exercise in developing a reconciled value profile for a given research community, and also function well as an internal and external proclamation of values and norms.

However, this approach results in technical adherence, at best, and given the extent to which scientific research now irreversibly shapes our experience as human beings, Created Date Biopolitics in the Age of Shakespeare This dissertation is positioned at the intersection of philosophy, theology, and critical theory in order to explore the way early modern literature may be enlisted as a vehicle for a return to an ethically informed humanism, specifically with regard to how Western culture currently understands the contingent categories of "life" and "the human.

Connecting Ethical Theory to Empirical Research This study focuses on the principles of caring and respect for persons, and how they are manifested in the preschool classroom.

The teaching document repository provides lecturers the opportunity to make available course specific documents, that are to be viewed or downloaded by the students. This document repository is created in the learning environment ILIAS and is accessible via "eDoz", "myStudies" and "course catalogue", if the corresponding "visibility" of this . Digital library ETH Library offers access to extensive electronic resources. It assists members of ETH Zurich with services relating to e-publishing and digital curation. Using EThOS as your thesis repository If you do not have an institutional repository or you have theses that are not held in your repository, you can use EThOS as your e-thesis repository. Instead of EThOS harvesting your repository, you can supply your e-theses to EThOS as follows.

Caring and respect are core ethical principles. When applied, they inform our thinking and guide our behavior. Leading ethicists, including Immanuel Kant and Nel Noddings, have argued that caring and respect are vital elements in ethical human relationships.

This dissertation is at the forefront of a new line of inquiry which is seeking to connect the philosophical with the empirical in ways that can be illuminating for both, and for education research and practice more generally. Created Date Conveying Controversial Science: General audience popular science books, however, carry a reputation for clear science communication and are understudied in the academic literature.

I conduct a literary analysis of the text that This gap occurs because of the process of knowledge translation required to digest research findings for policymakers and practitioners. Studies have repeatedly shown that because of this "know-do" gap, approximately one-half of patients in the United States and Europe are not receiving care according to the most recent scientific evidence.This page lists registered OAI conforming repositories, registered through our registration and validation ashio-midori.comtly there are such repositories.

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A thesis or dissertation is a lengthy work written and presented in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification. It presents the author’s original research and findings on . The teaching document repository provides lecturers the opportunity to make available course specific documents, that are to be viewed or downloaded by the students.

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This document repository is created in the learning environment ILIAS and is accessible via "eDoz", "myStudies" and "course catalogue", if the corresponding "visibility" of this .

Writing your doctoral thesis; Deposit copies; Habilitation Theses. The Habilitationsverordnung (Habilitation Ordinance) of ETH Zurich obliges all habilitation students to submit an electronic version that corresponds to the printed version to the ETH Library, i.e.

that means publishing it via the Research Collection. Faculty of Arts and Science (Lethbridge, Alta.: Universtiy of Lethbridge, Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryArts and ScienceDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry, ) hOLA1 is a purine nucleotide binding protein that belongs to the P-loop GTPase family.

hOLA1 suppresses protein synthesis by limiting ternary complex formation thus . The About page of the British Library EThOS service.

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