Gambling research paper thesis

February 12, writer Research Papers 0 Gambling addiction or pathological gambling is an addiction characterized by the inability of a person to resist the impulse for gambling or betting despite a desire to stop or serious negative consequences of a personal nature, in the family or social environment. There is no definite consensus on the term.

Gambling research paper thesis

It seems that most societies engage in some form of gambling, as it has developed to be an extension of entertainment. However, gambling takes on a new meaning because stakes are introduced, leading to risk-taking. In some cultures there are sanctions against gambling because of a prevailing view that gaining something purely through luck or chance is morally unsound.

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Many of the harms experienced by problem gamblers can be traced back to gambling and not other life events or personality features of the gambler.

As you can see, this report by the productivity commission designates that the gambling industry presents itself as just a harmless entertainment operation, which in some form, has been revealed over many years to be misleading.

Also the industry attempts to put the blame for problem gambling onto gamblers themselves which has also been revealed to be incorrect. Christianity believes that gambling is morally wrong because it encourages and instigates human greed instead of faith in God.

From this Christians can strongly say that gambling is an evil that should be avoided due to the fact that people will make money their God. We can write a Custom Research Paper on Gambling for you!

Its appeal comes from a belief that wealth is the most important thing to gain in life. Gambling is also seen inadequate in a Christian judgement given that it causes effects on the gambler, such as irresponsibility, mental problems and suicide, gambling is also addictive.

Through this are causes of social evil, crime and problems, which affect third parties other than the gambling victim.

Another reason why gambling is wrong is because it exploits human weakness and addiction for financial gain, and as such is a case of the rich and the powerful exploiting others, something which the Bible consistently condemns.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society deals with problem gambling on a daily basis by providing counseling networks and programs. It comprises of many church leaders from various denominations such as, Baptist Union, Salvation Army etc.

The spokesperson is Reverend Tim Costello. The Uniting Church opposes gambling but permits small scale gambling such as parish fund-raising activities which is often associated with Catholicism. Not only is gambling wrong in Christianity, it also has been proven wrong in Islam.

Islam adopted this view, and discouraged participation in games of change, as it somehow represented interfering in divine law. This teaching is also conveyed in the Quran which is used as a weapon in order to deter Muslims away from gambling: We have seen how gambling is often wrong in Christianity and also Islam, but gambling is also seen wrong in Judaism.

Judaism like Christianity believes that gambling is prioritizing money and wealth before yourself, others and most importantly of God, which can be traced back to the old testament that states in the ten commandments: One point seems certain: In many instances throughout history, this has been translated into formal government policy, leaving those who gamble to incur the consequences of flouting the rules and laws of church and state.Gambling - Research Paper Example.

Comments (0) Add to wishlist Delete from wishlist. Summary. Effects of Gambling The rise of gambling in most parts of the world resulted from the acceptance that gambling is a source of recreation and its economic benefits and tax benefits in the associated communities.

As more individuals continue to engage.

Gambling research paper thesis

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From casinos to one-armed-bandits to bookmakers, there are many different ways in which people can gamble. In fact, whilst gambling has always been particularly appealing to various. Toulmin Argument Research Paper The concept of gambling has been around since the ’s when the original thirteen colonies had their own individual lotteries where people viewed gambling as a “civic responsibility” to play.

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Gambling research paper thesis

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