Genius and madness in proof

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Genius and madness in proof

What goes largely unexamined, often even unacknowledged yet is institutionalized nonetheless in our social order, is the birthright priority whereby males rule females.

Genius and madness in proof

She was a brutal sadist, a violent bully at whose hands everyone about her suffered. Throughout my childhood I was menaced and immeasurably traumatized. At one point, inI found myself alone with her in an apartment in Berkeley, California where she did not allow me to sleep for five days as she raged at the world and menaced me physically.

And, speaking of the affected innocent victims: Sita was the title. You really should read the whole thing. Psychosis and feminism are, often enough, two words that describe the same phenomenon.

The difference between mental illness and feminist theory is. Despite her mental illness, however, Kate Millett writes good prose, and I think this is a factor that should not be overlooked.


Like many another high-functioning psychotic, Millett is intelligent. Millett begins her book with a clever trick: Norman Mailerof course, soared to fame when his first novel, The Naked and the Dead, became a bestseller inwhen he was just The scene she quotes from Mailer involves a murderer sodomizing his German maid.

In each case, Millett highlights through her criticism the aspect of power — male supremacy — in the sexual context. Obviously, it is true that our attitudes and behaviors about sex are influenced by culture. Her fundamentally anti-social attitude.

Her tendentious selectivity of evidence. Of course, every radical argument suffers from this flaw. If your aim is to overthrow The System in a democratic polity where electoral governance and the Rule of Law have the effect of continually ratifying The System, your argument for revolution must necessarily be based on unusual evidence.

She asserts a startling premise, based on evidence that is negligible or controversial or at least unusual, and then continues her argument as if the premise were a proven fact.

Also, generally, Sexual Politics is boring. Her hammering of the same points becomes repetitive to the point of tedium. On page 30 of Sexual Politics, she writes: Psychosexual personality is therefore postnatal and learned.

The author of both of these works? Johns Hopkins University psychologist Dr. Money tried to impose.

Genius and Madness in Literature

Grant that Kate Millett had no way of knowing, inthat Dr. Milton Diamond, who eventually exposed the fraud were not silent. From page 32 of Sexual Politics:Jun 01,  · Today, the fabled connection between genius and madness is no longer merely anecdotal. Mounting research shows these two extremes of .

A gripping and tragic tale that sheds rare light on the unique burden of genius. Â In , an eccentric Russian mathematician named Grigori Perelman solved the Poincare Conjecture, an extremely complex topological problem that had eluded the best minds for over a century.

Track 2 off their 6th LP, The 2nd ashio-midori.coming to Bellamy, the song was written after a fight with his then-fiance Kate Hudson. That is how the opening night of ‘Proof’ was. In a theatre that barely accommodates a hundred people, everything looked and felt closer than normal: the audience, the stage, the heat coming from the powerful lights and, of course, the actors.

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A natural gift With an extensive career in acting, Burns’s performance steals everyone’s attention.

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