How to write a good cv for fresh graduate in nigeria

We believe that your CV is an account or narration of yourself. It starts from who you are, to all the places you have been and how you have contributed to those places; your achievements, how you spent your time, and even personal details like your marital status and so on. Bearing this in mind, every detail and information provided must be meticulously considered and articulately presented. Put your most flattering qualities or accomplishments up front and then move gradually to less flattering qualities.

How to write a good cv for fresh graduate in nigeria

This article contains all the necessary details you need to know on how to write a good CV as a fresh Graduate in Nigeria. But today we will be sharing a few more tips on another topic. How to write CV in Nigeria: The first step is understanding what a CV is and what it requires.

What is a CV? It is an essential party of any job search not to mention, a great way to put all of your skills, experience and qualifications in one place. In fact, a well written CV could be the difference between getting an interview and not being considered for the role.

Why should you write a good CV and what are the benefits?

how to write a good cv for fresh graduate in nigeria

First things first, Cvs are read by real recruiters and not computers and Robots as has been the mythWriting a good Cv is very important as your Cv is the very first impression your potential employer would have of you and as you know a good first impression is very important and cannot be undermined, if your Cv is quite convincing it might just score you an interview with your favourite organisation and so you have to get it right!

A top quality Cv will considerably boost your chance of getting a face — to -face interview, so it is worth spending time and effort on content and presentation. Did you make sure your clothes were right, your hair right, or you were wearing the right perfume or after shave?

Well, at least that much effort should go into getting your Cv right! Like the first date, they are the first time an employer gets to form an opinion about you- the first opinion can make all the difference.

The Cv is your opportunity to present yourself at your best. Other Helpful Resources to Make money Online: What Gt coin is and What to Do with Gt coins 1.

Read the job description: The job description shows you what the employer is looking for. Look for the key skills and think about how your own past experience relates to the job. Put the most important information for this particular job is at the top.

How To Write A Good CV For Fresh Graduate - Jobs/Vacancies - Nigeria

Have they asked for a qualification? Do they want work experience in something? Or are specific skills important to them? The job description will help you decide what to prioritise.

Try to stand Out: Your choice of font and layout are key to making sure your employer carries on reading your Cv 4. Check and check again and again, You should be wary of wrong spellings as that sets off a bad impression If you cannot get it right with your CV how will you when you eventually get the job?

Also, check for dates which conflict, incorrect emails and phone numbers 5. It makes your work easier and more interesting to read 6. You regularly have to update your CV To make sure it meets the requirement of any jobs advertised.

Usually, a cv should contain the following 1. Name, Address, phone number, email etc.But do you know about the LATEST CV FORMAT IN NIGERIA It's essential! The best tips are here so don't waste your time and read them! Check out all the trending Latest news news in Nigeria & world right now on The basic rules of writing a good CV.

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Learn How To Write A Good CV in Nigeria

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how to write a good cv for fresh graduate in nigeria

innocent. How to write CV in Nigeria: Tips on how to write a good Cv. Since the completion is rife in the job market, A fresh graduate in Nigeria is expected to follow these tips in order to draft a convincing Cv, One thing you should note is that there is no ‘best way’ to write a CV, you can be creative but there are certain things to take not of.

Worked with the marketing team to spread our products from Lagos to all the 6 states of the Western Nigeria within a year. Some Tips How to write a good CV. Use active verbs wherever possible. Also, add your NYSC work experience to boost your CV, however, as a fresh graduate, ensure your CV does not exceed two pages.

Thanks. varad 9th. READ ALSO: List of professional courses in Nigeria. A good CV is crucial towards getting a job.

And there are several rules that you should remember when writing a CV: 1. Make it short and interesting. Don’t make it more than two pages - nobody will want to read that.

Learn How To Write A Good CV in Nigeria CV & Resume Comments To make your job-hunt, internships or Industrial Attachment search a success; we advise that you learn to write a good CV in Nigeria – the way it truly appeal to local employers.

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