New vehicle technology

Since their introduction into the commercial world in s,unmanned vehicles have become essential not only in the exploitation and development of deepwater oil and gas reserves - far beyond the reach of divers -but also in many other areas.

New vehicle technology

Here are some of the main technologies you want to keep in mind when shopping for New vehicle technology new car: Infotainment Interfaces Infotainment is one of the most difficult tech features to judge, since there are no industry standards.

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Controlling audio playback, navigation, and in-car apps when behind the wheel is a lot different than tapping New vehicle technology on your iPhone when sitting comfortably in your living room. Connectivity and Apps Connectivity is what lets you access navigation, real-time traffic updates, local search, and more while on the road.

The hybrid approach uses a combination of the two: For a closer look at connectivity options, read Buying a New Car? Know Your Connectivity Options. Audio Music was the original consumer electronics technology to enter the car.

And nav systems have gotten better with cloud connectivity, allowing for real-time traffic info, local search, and compatibility with portable devices. It offers Google Earth mapping, parking information that lets you find available spots in advance, and even a "picture navigation" feature that uses the geotagged information from a digital photograph to find an address and route the car to it.

Bluetooth Blueooth was originally just for hands-free phone usage, but has evolved into providing streaming music from a portable device. Compatibility issues that have plagued the connection between phones and cars can still be a problem, however.

Get to know the operation of the infotainment system, understand how the car connects to the cloud and which apps are available, listen to the audio system and check out its music sources, enter a destination into the navigation system, and pair your device with the car via Bluetooth and make a few phone calls.

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This list consists exclusively of electric and hybrid vehicles. These cars eschew standard gasoline engines for much more technologically advanced and fuel-efficient means of propulsion. You still need to top them off in some form or another, though. Hybrid vehicles use both a gasoline engine and an electric motor instead of relying on gas alone.

The electric motor works in tandem with the engine, assisting with most maneuvers to use much less gas. Conversely, the gas engine helps keep the battery charged through regenerative breaking, putting power back into the battery that drives the electric motor every time you coast to a stop.

Electric vehicles drop the gasoline engine entirely and rely only on electricity to run. The trade-off is that fueling takes much longer and can be more difficult to find, and the range for these vehicles is limited. You need to plug electric vehicles in to charge them, and if you set up a quick charger at your home you can easily top off in about half an hour.

Plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt are, well, hybrid hybrids.

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If you need to drive farther than the battery allows, a gasoline engine lets you keep going without plugging it in. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles like the Toyota Mirai are still in their fledgling stages, even compared with hybrids and electric vehicles.

They use hydrogen instead of gasoline to drive their motors, which makes them emission-free and environmentally friendly. They also have a much aurther range than electric vehicles, with the Mirai able to go up to miles between fills.

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These vehicles are all much more green and economical in the long term than cars that rely only on gasoline engines. Modern driver-assist systems use various combinations of cameras and sensors to keep track of dangers you may not notice, like the car ahead of you suddenly hitting the breaks, or another car approaching in your blind spot.

Dash cams are useful in case you do get in a fender bender, as they continuously record what happens and can be used to limit your liability. Depending on the driver assists in your vehicle, you might receive an alert warning you of potential hazards, while some systems will automatically take over for you.

Featured High-Tech Car Reviews:Breakthroughs in racing helps speed up car development at Ford. It's long been known that race car technology eventually filters down to . ford exped ssv vin: 1fmjk1g58eef chevrolet tahoe vin: 1gnsk2e01br Despite deaths from cell phones and other tech distractions, a huge percentage of the carnage on America's roads is still due to drinking and driving.

Out of the 37, people killed on the roads. Mar 19,  · “This tragic incident makes clear that autonomous vehicle technology has a long way to go before it is truly safe for the passengers, pedestrians, and drivers who share America’s roads.

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New vehicle technology

Process vehicle registration and manage titles simply and efficiently with our premier software solutions. Homepage for the Vehicle Technologies Office. Last year, vehicles transported 11 billion tons of freight, more than $32 billion worth of goods each day, and moved people more than 3 trillion vehicle-miles.

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