Nikes ethical challenges essay

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Nikes ethical challenges essay

Globalization Neoliberalism Superbrands Nike Organizations Multinational Corporations Abstract The rise of superbrands has many implications for the nature of workworkers, and organizations. This paper explores superbrands and their impact in three ways.

First, the dynamics of the superbrand Nike, along with the implications of Nike as a superbrand, are explored. Second, globalization is discussed as a phenomenon affecting the global balance of power.

Finally, the paper explores the effects of neoliberal policy on the growth and dominance of superbrands. In particular, the discussion on globalization and neoliberalism illuminate the various ways in which these phenomena facilitate and support the rise of superbrands and their multinational corporations MNCs.

The Superbrand Superbrands such as Nike have been described as one of the central mediums of globalization and as symbols of a global economy. Klein describes Nike as a transcendent superbrand that took branding to another level, beginning to focus principally on brands and brand management, believing that while products are made in factories, a brand is made in the mind and bought by the consumer.

The result for Nike was innovative ad campaigns, superstars like Michael Jordan, superstores like Nike Town, and corporate campuses such as the Nike World campus.

The Nike swoosh is meanwhile believed to be the most recognizable brand icon or corporate logo, conveying "Nike" without need of words. He asked her to create a logo that would fit on the side of a shoe.

Nikes ethical challenges essay

Knight was instrumental in breaking Nike away from Adidas and Reebok when he realized that importing shoes from other countries using cheap labour would allow them to challenge the market leaders. A Nike manager describes how Nike and its executives symbolize the Nike climate: The most complicated Nike shoe is made up of components, but when looking at even a simple Nike shoe, then it is easily seen how Nike symbolizes globalized production.

But Nike is not a manufacturing company or even a shoe company; it is a sports company.

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As Feit and Surpuriya state: The new Nike wasn't simply about shoes and slam dunks, but about promoting a higher way of life. In this way Nike was a brand, an idea and a lifestyle. To keep this image Nike focused entirely on advertising, marketing and promotion.

As Phil Knight says: By focusing on this, what Nike is ensuring is one thing: In other words, priorities have changed; the logic of the new priority is not to spend money on machines that will rust, factories that need constant upkeep, and employees that will age and die; resources should be used on sponsorships, expansion, and advertising as it is this that will help to build superbrands.

The increased resistance to investing in labor and factories has led to the inevitable devaluation of the production process, producers and employees. Nike products are manufactured in more than factories, in 51 countries, employing overworkers. Nike executives frequently state their commitment to being a global company: In this drive and commitment Nike have come to represent the hollowed corporation, the embodiment of a globalized world.

Hollow corporations are mostly form, as the lack of a stable workforce gives it little tangible content. In such corporations, the central axis is no longer manufacturing, as production is broken up and dispersed, but is the marketing of the brand.

This may be best explained using the Nike model, which Klein describes as:Marketing Case Study of Nike- Focus on Nike’s Marketing Plan. Home» Resource Library» Free samples» Marketing» Marketing Case Study of Nike- Focus on Nike’s Marketing Plan.

Various real life examples have been illustrated to explore the challenges that the company faced and the misjudgments that were done. It explains how the. Nike's ethical shoes Nike has released a range of greener and more ethically-sourced shoes.

as this ethical behaviour is seen to add value and possibly becomes a source of competitive Environmental Mission Nike have obviously seen the need that in today’s changing culture.

and the challenges marketing faces as we move into the new millennium. The goal of marketing is to create profitable customer relationships by delivering superior value to customers.

Understanding these basic concepts, and forming your own ideas about what they really mean to you, will give you a solid foundation for all that follows.

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1. Nike. Ethical, and Cultural challenges.

Nikes ethical challenges essay

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