Shaklee business presentation

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Shaklee business presentation

Make a car payments? Pay for childcare or replace your current income? Shaklee provides an opportunity for anyone to achieve their financial goals. For my family it started off with my desire to stay home with my children.

I have now created a business that has allowed my husband to leave his job and start his own business working from home. We are able to design a life by our design and are not dependent on others for our success. We can take off for weeks at a time with our family and bring our business with us.

You can create a life by design when you are in charge of your own earning potential. We recommend you join Shaklee as a Qualified Distributor. As a Qualified Distributor you get the Distributor Welcome Kit which contains everything you need for a quick start in your Shaklee business, including product catalogs, Distributor Reference Guide, business building brochures, three months personal online store and an entire suite of digital tools to promote your business online.

In addition you get all of the products in your Success Pack at a great discount. When you join Shaklee as a Distributor, our team will work with you one on one to provide you with simple tried and true steps to create success.

shaklee business presentation

As you build your business, we provide ongoing training, resources and a supportive team to keep you growing and motivated. Shaklee Distributor Kits are designed to get you off to a great start and allow you to focus your business on any of the product lines Shaklee has to offer.

Packs include products, training, and a simplified path to grow your income. Shaklee Distributor Benefits Not only do you earn monthly check but you also can earn weekly paid out bonuses, car payments, international trips and a great community of support.

You will also be using Shaklee products in your home and you and your families health will be better for it.

Networking Toolchest - Presentations, handouts & training to help you grow your Shaklee business!

One of the biggest Shaklee distributor benefits I discovered, was the amount of personal growth and transformations I underwent. I have learned how to be more organized, creative, and resilient.

The skills I have picked up do not just help me with my business but in every nook of my life. It helps drive me and make my time I have with my children really count. Benefits of working with my team: Tools for building your business online A fun and family friendly community of leaders Personalized coaching Access to our Learn and Earn program for you and others you share Shaklee with to learn about products and get FREE products in return How a Shaklee Home Business Works Shaklee is a network marketing business.Download Presentation PowerPoint Slideshow about 'The Shaklee Business Opportunity' - wzambrano37 An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation.

Presentation Description. Information on how to work at home via the Shaklee business opportunity. Earn a commission by sharing products from the leading provider of premium quality, natural, environmentally friendly nutrition, personal care, and household products.

This site was developed to give you a place to learn and grow in building your Shaklee business. We have audios, videos, and powerpoint presentations to help you .

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Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for ballers, big thinkers and online business owners.. For his #1 online business recommendation of , you can learn more here.. You . View Shaklee presentations online, safely and virus-free! Many are downloadable.

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