Why i want to do medicine

To understand why approximately 25, Americans prefer osteopathic physicians DOs over allopathic physicians MDsit is important to look at the similarities between the two, and then the differences.

Why i want to do medicine

Share via Email Could you study medicine at university? Alamy Studying medicine can lead to a sought-after career in healthcare — but first sixth-form students have to get accepted onto what can be a competitive and demanding course.

I've just got back from a month long research trip studying tropical infections in Malawi, which I was only able to do as a medical student.

Why i want to do medicine

The most important date for sixth-form students applying for the subject is the application deadline of 15th October, as applications will not be considered if they are submitted after that. Most medical schools will invite applicants for interview between December and February and make offers after all their interview days are completed.

Interviews to select medical students can either be a panel interview, or a multiple mini interviewwhere applicants have to walk around a circuit with different scoring stations.

Whatever the interview format, admissions tutors are looking for the signs students could make a good healthcare professional. They should avoid over-rehearsing and shouldn't believe every rumour they read online.

Also make sure you are informed about the current issues in health and medicine and think about what your opinion is about these topics.

And if students get on to the course, what should they expect? Ensure you're up to date with the school's teaching style and current research to prove you've done your homework.

For example they might ask 'why do you want to study medicine? Also, get up to date advice from medical students who recently took the interviews - there are blogs available for this.

Be friendly and be attentive to everyone you meet the whole day. David Barry, 21, is going into the fourth year of his medicine degree at Leicester University. In the interviews a panel asked questions like 'why do you want to study medicine'.

They also asked some unexpected questions about my likes, interests and hobbies. They want you to demonstrate that you can work as a team and be a leader.

To prepare, I read a lot of online forums, prepared answers and researched the subject. I also kept up with relevant healthcare news.

Accommodation advice

We've just started to do clinical placements, so it's starting to feel more real. The first half of the course is lectures and the second half is more practical. I read other people's entries and saw their experience and thought I didn't have a chance. But I still got in, so don't compare yourself to other people and just be confident.

Share it with us in the comment section below.Discover the very different reasons why these physicians chose family medicine for their career of service to others.

"Why did you become a family physician?" I wanted my approach to medicine. Family medicine's humanistic approach is what I believe medicine should be. Dr. Jeffrey A. Zlotnick "I recall being very confused in medical school as to where I wanted to go.

When it comes to choosing a specialty, most medical students fall into 1 of 3 categories: 1) those who know exactly what they want to do; 2) those who have a sense of what they want to do but aren. Why do you want to be a doctor? It is very important to know this.

And so tie your ‘why medicine’ together with your patients. healthy New Year. As always I hope you continue to check us out every week at the Medical School Headquarters, Med Ed Media, and here at The Premed Years.

Interview Questions: Why Did You Choose to Study Medicine? Written “Why did you choose to study medicine?” how will you answer it? Here are few tips on how to come up with the best answer to impress your interviewer. “If you really want to know what you want in life, you should take up medicine,” and when I asked her why, she.

May 25,  · In this video I give my model answer to the Personal MMI station - Why Do You Want To Do Medicine? This is a model answer, it is not % inclusive or completely right but it .

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