Why we should keep smiling

September 16, by Scott Johnson My friend and monster-taming counterpart Ilka recently shared on our German site why she keeps a diabetes logbook. I wouldn't blame you for assuming it's because she works for mySugr.

Why we should keep smiling

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In case of abuse, Report this post. Blogging can be an effective form of therapy. You get to step onto your proverbial soapbox and rant and rave about this, that and the other.

Blogging is a little like the mysterious tree that falls in the forest when everyone is at the mall. Did it make any noise? How do we know? I check in with the more illustrious blogging elders on this platform. Witty, well spoken words deserve shares.

I can easily understand why this delightful piece would evoke such a hearty response. I also proceeded to share on my Facebook page and gleefully plunked it into a handful of my WhatsApp chats.

Regularly, I reach out to Miriam, the editor of this platform, asking her to tweak an already published piece. Miriam is very gracious, but there is only so much she can do.

I need to take responsibility for what comes out of my mouth as well as for what rolls off my fingertips. All this reflection and rumination can really ruin it for a writer.

Thoughts along these lines keep my laptop literally untouched: I suffer from comma and quotation mark angst. Insert name of popular blogger says it way better than anyone else can. I already wrote about that. I dare not tread in such touchy times.

Does it really matter? The good news is that writing always seems to win.

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As I gravitate to the keyboard, the following reassuring thoughts steer me back to what I know for sure: Only G-d is perfect. Only I can say it the way I would say it.

If I do repeat myself, my point may be worth repetition. Treading is great exercise. Helps build get-up-and-go muscles. Yes, I think it does matter. I hope you do too. So here I am, once again, happily blogging.

By their light, even he who walks in the darkness of night shall not blunder. Every Jew, man or woman, possesses enough moral and spiritual strength to influence friends and acquaintances, and bring them into the light.This is why we give our pets names and also why it is wise not to give a name to any animal you want to eat.

sometimes, smile in your face then stab you in the back. have reasons to keep. October 28, We love our beach days so much, chilling with a margarita and soaking up the sun The best ever! And if we want to keep it up, we must keep the beach clean. Aug 08,  · Persuasive speech on why smiling us good for you!

HELP!!!? We are experiencing some problems, please try again. You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or JPEG. I have to do a persuasive speech for my college class and it's on "why we should keep the troops in Iraq" Speech in Princess Diana's Death speeches?Status: Resolved.

Why you should smile more often Why you should smile more often You At 18 Vs You At Types Of Mummys.

Why we should keep smiling

Things Only A Person Who Is Trying To Lose Weight Will Understand. USA Today politics blog. Most Popular. Ohio officials find hundreds of uncounted votes Trump trade war: Companies face closure, layoffs. Terrific! Your ancestors were also helped by the fact that Irish people became seen as whites over time, thus were widely accepted in a way that other minorities are not.

Many members of minority groups persevere too, despite that discrimination. Minorities persevering has no bearing on whether we should keep honoring the victimizers.

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